[This ones about an enderman {Minecraft}]

I stepped outside,wonded by a bad fight. I hate the Netherworld! I want to live on the surface where the air is clean and doesn’t fill my throught with smoke from the fires.I began to dig up to find dirt to smell my victory. As I found some dirt I dug as fast as I could and I found the surface But, it was to bright outside to go out yet I was so anchus to smell the fresh air. I took a step out side anyway I wanted to see it all. I felt something soft and a little sharp when I steped outside.It felt prtty cold toand finnaly my lungs weren’t filled with smoke.I looked around and saw a few zombies and skelatons on fire from morning light and I laughed in my head.I saw a fort made of something I haven’t seen yet I went over to feel want it was like. I [sorry I’m gunna finish it later]

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Hiya I've got a disease called superbordomsindrom so if ya wanna chat just speak up and I'll talk to ya if you don't want to and be a jerk well..... screw you . No I'm just yanking your guys chain.

Well, I always write or draw out my frustration or I just play on my Xbox360

Raving Battle Chapter 1 : The Break Out

A small mouse ran into my trap as I thought “Finally,dinner’s here.” as I pulled it out and gulped it whole filling me for the night.I layed back on the jail cell wall and waited for morning.As I was watching the stars fly by gracefully through the tiny window covered by three bars I saw something run swiftly by. I sat up in confusion and look out the window. I saw two more swift flashes. “What the hel-” I was inturupted by what i had seen right in front of me. Someone like never before a sight for sore eyes . My sister Crystal was handing me a nail file to get out of jail. “T-Thank you” I whispered “Just hurry up and get the crap outta here” Crystal said back. “Geez someone woke up on the wrong side on the bed.” I said laughing a little. As I FINALLY got the bars to break open Crystal pulled me out. “Here put this on” as she randomly pulled a suit my size out of her pocket. I gave her a look like whaaaat the craaap. “How um ya know I’m not going to ask” And I sliped into the suit and ran everywhere like I haven’t seen day light which I couldn’t because it was night. Crystal looked at me for a long time blankly with fear. “What?” I ask with a smile and I felt a stabing pain in my back. I howled in pain as spikes striked out of my back. I was circle with blood and everything went dark. I felt numb and hopeless and slipt into a deep ,dark and cold sleep. I woke up in my sisters room.every thing was blury for a second and in seconds i could see better yet I had a dredful head ache “Ngh” I grounded. I tried to look around the room but everything was to dark to see. I stood up still a little weak in the legs. I sniffed the air and smelt “Bacon?” I could see underneath the door, it looked pretty bright. I looked for the door knob and opened the door. The only thing I could hear was a loud sizzle and my stomache growling. I steped outside a little more and I could smell the bacon even more. I walked in the kitchen and Crystal was making bacon just as I thought.”The zombie finally woke up! Go sit down at the table I’ll be down there in a minute.” Crystal said playfully. “O.K but, what happened last night.” I said helping her make the plates for us. She shrugged ” The poice probubly infecked you with something. No biggy.” I started at her with my jaw open. “NO BIGGY?! OKAY THATS A BIGGY. I’LL PROBOBLY GET A TUMMER NOW!!!” I snapped at her. “Okay calm down… ya butt.It’s only temporary.” she said giggeling. “how are you staying so calm when Im infected?” I asked less angrily”Well” she started.”Beause I was infected two days ago.” she said happy like. [Thats it for chapter 1 I’m sorry to say I going to make chapter 2 tommorow sorry]